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About Us

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14143 Denver W Pkwy Suite 100

Golden, CO 80401


Intergonic is a Colorado based company providing Software Solutions for end users.

Websites and applications should be intuitive and easy to use. No steep learning curve, no classes. The aim is to provide you with a service that you can connect to, perform what you have to do, and stop thinking about it.

Mission Statement

We believe it is important to innovate and build upon the latest technology to offer state of the art solutions in order to remain competitive.
Reliability is one of the keywords when designing solutions. Solutions need to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations and be functionally working in all circumstances.
Applications are web-based and data may contain sensitive information. This is why security is very important to us.
Fully documented solutions add quality to the project and have an unmeasurable value as a reference when further enhancements are to be performed. Our best practices include templates that can be used from one project to the other.
Every customer is unique and has different needs. The solutions will be customized to match the customer’s requirements.