Data Migrations

Data Migrations (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Data Migration

Migrating your data from any source to any target.

You have been building up a lot of data over the last few years and they could all be scattered throughout your business.

It is all working fine but you wonder whether you might get better results if all the data were residing into one data store.

We will be able to migrate all your data – from CSV files, text files, relational DBs, NoSQL DBs – into a data store that will fit your business. This could be another relational DB or a NoSQL DB. It all depends on the amount of data, whether you have a need for scaling and redundancy.

Understanding data is very important. Your Customer ID from your database and an Account Number in a CSV file both have a meaning. But, if both of these refer to the same customer, bringing these pieces together will provide you with a better overall view on your business.

We focus on testing data migrations so you will know exactly what your final database will look like!

Provide us with a brief overview of all your different data sources… We will get back to you to find out how we can group all of this into a single solution.

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